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Organic Fish Fertilizer
For Healthy Cannabis Plants
Originally Engineered with the essential vitamins and minerals to promote the healthiest plants possible.
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MAD Grass Organic Fish Fertilizer is produced only from Fresh, Wild Caught Fish from the sea.

Never Farmed, Never Frozen, Never Cooked.

Promote Growth for All Plants

Potassium improves plant’s overall quality, fights disease and for instant and vigorous growth.

Improve Soil and Root Development

Plants receive a controlled level of nitrogen – the main nutrient in hydrolized fish.

Fertilizer Booster – Maximize Nutrients Uptake

Supplies an abundance of minerals and vitamins to your plants.

Boost Flowering and Budding

Amino acids increase the quality of fruits and shorten harvest time

We are highly passionate about SUSTAINABLE FARMING PRACTICES and we have devoted a huge amount of time and resources in researching and developing this product. Producing a HIGH Quality, Earth Friendly, 100% Certified Organic Fish Fertilizer was our main priority and focus. Commercial fish & seafood industry generates millions of pounds of wasted fish bi-products yearly, MAD GRASS Organic Fish Fertilizer prides itself by using the Wild Caught whole fish, nothing is wasted. MAD GRASS Organic uses the whole fish; everything from head to tail and everything in between. Each part of the fish contains a valuable source of nutrients & minerals needed to grow the best plants possible.

The Increasing public awareness of the environmental impact of marine waste and chemicals has created a need for a safe, organic and environmentally friendly fertilizer. We know Mother Earth approves.


Can be used as both a soil enhancer and as as a folient. Although pioneered for Cannabis plants – Can be used on all plants & flowers Can be used for indoor and outdoor plants – see directions for use.


The Fish oils (omega-3’s and other powerful nutrients), Calcium and Collagens are retained for the highest quality fertilizer – your plant's best friend!


Its Organic – A Friend to the environment. Also, safe around children and pets.

Results of our product

Remember To Have Fun…
Be your Own Mad Scientist – Experiment – Invent your own hybrid-strains
Grow your favorite strain using MAD GRASS Organic Fish Fertilizer

Plant pictures provided from a few of our happy customers

Why Organic Fish?

Fish has long been known as the premier fertilizer for plants and flowers. Early man planted a fish at the base of each crop to promote a healthier larger stronger plant. Fish contain a natural, rich source of nutrients that are embraced by the growing plant.

MAD GRASS Organic Fish Fertilizer targets the plant’s performance by increasing the soil nutrients, nitrogen levels, and the other necessary minerals to promote healthy, robust plants & flower buds.


This method retains the nutrients naturally found in deep sea fish.


Nutrients in deep sea fish allows for more nutrients in the soils and plants.


Little waste and no chemical additives, which is ultimately better for the soil, pants & envioirment.


Vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acid and organic matters broken down to increase plant’s performance.